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Super fast passport renewal just arrived, hand delivered as guaranteed. Tremendous service and we didn't have to cancel our family holiday.

Well done and thanks to all your wonderful staff who I continually worried!

I too made a classic and silly mistake of booking flights and holiday accommodation before checking all the family passports. Just one was out of date.

The local post office said - no can do - in the time and to be honest did I want to post all that personal identity information! The government web site said 3 weeks and when I called was told they couldn't see me for a week and don't give advice!

Then I found the Passport and Visa Office.

Tremendous service the passport has just arrived, hand delivered exactly as arranged

Thank you all very much you are the BEST

Kind regards

Isobel Adams. Mother of 3 and soon on holiday. Yippee!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to your team for processing my request so quickly.

I'd made the classic mistake of booking my holiday before checking the passports, only to find that the one family member who we'd made the booking for, her passport had expired! Panic set in quickly after a heated debate in the local post office about their photography and then non-acceptance of!

Then I found the Passport and Visa Office.

After a detailed conversation with one of your team, who was so calm and helpful, the paperwork was duly picked up by the courier - again, very efficient - confirmation call the night before, picked up exactly as agreed. The documents were then processed and I received the new shiny passport for my daughter 3 working days later!

Absolutely excellent service. I have already started recommending you to my friends and relatives.

Thank you so very much. I can now look forward to the trip with my daughter.text-justify

Kind regards

Karen C - Client Relationship Manager

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all - you have given a great service and been really supportive.

If you want a citation to put on your website or hand over to your commissioners, you're free to use the below however you wish.

Yours, Camilla

"The Passport and Visa Office did an absolutely sterling job for me when my passport went missing within days of my travel plans. The team were completely 'honest and open' about the potential pitfalls from the time of my very first phone call to them, and they were always on the end of the phone with great advice on the (numerous) occasions when my paranoia got the better of me. They were incredibly understanding of my panic at the prospect of missing an important family occasion, and the effect this had on my psychological state!

Their service even extended to calling to let me know of a small potential problem on one of my forms, e-mailing new ones to me so that I could provide a backup, completely accurate version with just an hour to go before my details were due to go to the Home Office.

Of course, this fast-track service comes with a premium charge, but unlike so many services that are so called, I really felt like I had received a gold standard."

Camilla S

Media Relations Manager - England

Dear Passport and Visa office.

A quick thank you for the efficient and quick passport renewal. Excellent service was just as your office described. I'll recommend you if the opportunity presents itself.

Christian D London

My emergency passport. You saved the day! Saved cancellation of our holiday. Many thanks on behalf of all our family.

Martin and Fiona (plus A, G and M). Glasgow

Thank you so much for your promptness and kind remarks.

I remain very impressed by your actions and assistance helping me get my passport.

Richard - Cambridge

My expired passport

Thank you very much for your help, excellent service!!

Maurice C - Swindon

We were at the British Airways check in desk and unable to travel. Expired child passport but your help in replacement was wonderful and fast.


Passport Office customer Elizabeth.

Thank you. I now have my passport and am looking forwards to my holiday to Bulgaria week on Sat. Thanks for all your help and efficient work in helping me obtain this new ten year passport - appreciated.

Kind Regards. Jonathan H

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This company saved our holiday. - An emergency passport in exactly one day.

After we planned the holiday we noticed that one of our passports had expired. My boss recommended the Passport and Visa Office. So I called them spoke with Amanda. She removed all the stress and wow was there stress! After just a few words with Amanda I could see all would be resolved and it was. This company achieves what you think is unachievable. A big thank you.

Sarah Jayne. South West London

Hi - Evert is going to fly down to London on Friday and he will collect my British passport at 1pm and fly on to Amsterdam. Many thanks again for all your help, I'll be in touch in a few weeks for another visa!

Best regards

Julie M

Management Assistant

Thanks for help renewing passport

This service works! When all was falling apart and it looked like our trip of a lifetime would be cancelled as I failed to renew passport.

Dear Passport and Visa Office.


Got it - Love you all.

We're out of here.

Sincere thanks for a great service.

Kind regards,

Dave K

Hi just a quick email to say thank you for all your help and assistance.

We could have been in quite a predicament, having posted our bands months ago. The service you provided was excellent and my fiancé and I are very grateful.

Thank you

David B

I should like to thank your agent for his excellent service and advice --- much appreciated and beyond the call of duty.

Please ensure your agent sees this and I look forward to receiving my new passport soon.

Professor M (Oxon)

Subject: Re: Passport Collection


Many thanks for this.

Passport fee paid. All collected and sorted - a great relief.

The whole process was excellent, will definitely be using your services again.

Kind regards,


Thanks Passport and Visa Office,

It's now all gone through and thanks again for your persistence on this, I will certainly make sure that people I speak to are aware of your services. Although I've been stressed about it, the way you have handled everything has certainly reduced it!


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Dear Passport and Visa Office,

Thank you so much for the very efficient service of your company. I was very delighted to pick up my new passport today.

Kind Regards,

Rachel A

To whom it may concern.

I am writing on behalf of both Mr W and myself to express our gratitude for the help and assistance given by the two members of your staff dealing with Mr W's lost passport. We are extremely impressed with the first class 'express' service we received during the entire process which was handled in a very polite, professional and expeditious manner. Every aspect and all associated problems appertaining to the loss and renewal of the passport were carefully considered by your staff and appropriately dealt with. We would be very grateful if you will pass on our sincere thanks to your staff for their help and assistance at what was a most difficult and stressful time for all concerned.

Mr W and Mrs J W

Dear passport and visa office. Thank you for your prompt reply and kind assistance. Thankfully, P & O ferries have allowed my son to travel on his current passport as it is still valid for 2 months. I don't think we will have problems disembarking in Spain or Portugal. Kind regards.


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Phew! That's excellent. We can travel as planned

Many thanks Matthew

Tina B

Your renewal service is excellent. Thankyou.

Warren T

Good morning,

Our new passports arrived by courier this morning within a 48 hour turnaround. Excellent service.

Thank you.

Denis O

and many more

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