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What is the fastest way to renew my British passport?

The predicament! You have arranged to travel, have organised everything efficiently, airline tickets, the journey to the airport, even a neighbour to water the house-plants. What can possible go wrong? You realise your British Passport is in need of renewal.

Might this be you? Are you about to embark on an emergency journey or business travel engagement and have noticed your passport is out of date or expiring soon?

Have you overlooked renewing your passport in time for your summer holiday, or realise your destination of choice requires a passport that is valid for a minimum period of 6 months?

There are many reasons why you might need to get your passport renewed as quickly as possible. You may have lost your passport, had your passport stolen; you may even find you are in possession of a damaged passport. The imperative is that your passport requires urgent renewal, and we here at The Passport & Visa Office are here to help.

Unfortunately, the process of renewing a passport is not always easy. If you are planning to apply through Government services, you may encounter frustrating delays. Processing times of 3-6 weeks are common place. In busy holiday periods, such as Easter, summer, Christmas and half-term school holidays, when passport applications are at a peak, further delays may increase the time-scale.

Choosing the postal route is slow, unreliable and not secure. Protecting your personal identification and data is crucial at all times. It is questionable if putting all your personal information in a mail box or postal service is a sensible option.

Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) does provide a fast track service, but this necessitates making appointments and attending a passport office. You may not find this convenient. Appointments are never the same day and the Government service advise that 3 weeks should be allowed between the date an appointment is booked and the day of attendance. This may not suit your needs.

Thankfully, here at The Passport & Visa Office we can offer a secure, convenient, efficient alternative. We can ensure you get your UK passport renewed without unwarranted delays.

The Passport & Visa Office offers a variety of passport processing services starting from just £69

Choose from:

Same Day Renewal which means you will have your passport safely in your hand the very same day

Two to Three Day Express Renewal which delivers a new passport to your home within just a few days

One Week Turnaround Service with secure collection and delivery from and to your home

We provide an excellent 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year service and rest assured all of our trusted agents are fully qualified to organise and assist with your passport application which means no on-line applications, no timely visits to the Post Office, immediate despatch of urgent documents and hand delivery of your renewed passport . You will not need to present yourself at any appointments, your passport application will be thoroughly checked for errors and we will update you by your preferred method: SMS, Email or Telephone. Your passport when ready will be sent to you using a secure service.

No more delays - no appointment required - we do all the work - passport guaranteed delivered on time - 24 hour a day service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - low cost.

Contact us now!

We can also help in extreme situations. To enable a British citizen to get back into the UK or travel to certain countries when a passport has been lost or stolen requires a document called the Emergency Travel Document. This requires an application form which our advisers can send to you absolutely free and also talk you through the process.

Sometimes we achieve the seemingly impossible!

B.H. - Wolverhampton: Lost passport replaced within 2 days and travelled to Jamaica.

S.G. - London: Lost passport. New 10 year passport delivered next day - made a flight to New York.

A.G.H. - West Sussex: Stolen Passport replaced in 48 hours and so travelled to Far East.     More Testimonials

Call us now for Fast-Emergency Passport and managed renewal services that are not available from Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) or Post Office. We are a qualified provider of Same Day Passport Services with over 30 years experience in handling urgent travel documents. We are not Her Majesty's Passport Office. Calls are recorded for accuracy and will assist improvements to the service we offer. Calls to this number may be charged at approximately 10p per minute excluding any relevant caller network charges (mobile phones etc).

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