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Fast passport replacement traditionally required an appointment and interview. This can now be avoided.
Contact us for a fast solution to replacing your British Passport.

Do I go to a Passport Office?

Most customers don't have time to travel to an H M Passport Office or wish to attend an interview. By using the Passport and Visa Office Agent service, there is no need to book and appointment or attend an interview at a Passport Office.

All documents are provided, the complicated work is done for you and the new passport delivered to your door.

Delays and cancelled travel can also be avoided by comprehensive compliance checks. Turnaround time can be same day depending subject to compliance.

Which Service do I need?

We recommend using our Rush or Premier service if travel arrangements have been made and your Passport is Lost, Stolen, has expired or needs renewing quickly. Children’s passports may also be expedited using Rush, Passport Plus and Express Check services.

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Passport Offices are currently listed as:

  • Passport Office Belfast
  • Passport Office Durham
  • Passport Office Glasgow
  • Passport Office Liverpool
  • Passport Office London
  • Passport Office Newport
  • Passport Office Peterborough

Sometimes we achieve the seemingly impossible!

B.H. - Wolverhampton: Lost passport replaced within 2 days and travelled to Jamaica.

S.G. - London: Lost passport. New 10 year passport delivered next day - made a flight to New York.

A.G.H. - West Sussex: Stolen Passport replaced in 48 hours and so travelled to Far East.     More Testimonials

Call us now for Fast-Emergency Passport and managed renewal services that are not available from Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) or Post Office. We are a qualified provider of Same Day Passport Services with over 30 years experience in handling urgent travel documents. We are not Her Majesty's Passport Office. Calls are recorded for accuracy and will assist improvements to the service we offer. Calls to this number may be charged at approximately 10p per minute excluding any relevant caller network charges (mobile phones etc).

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