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Lost Passport, what can I do?

I've lost my passport and I need an urgent replacement.

Replacing a lost or stolen passport is more complex than a renewal. Our managed service will avoid the chance of rejection and delays.

  • A Lost Passport should be reported immediately irrespective of arranging a replacement.
  • We will provide all the required documents for replacing your lost passport free of charge and guide you through the process of completion.
  • In most cases we can assist in replacing a Lost Passport quickly and without the need for an attendance or interview by the passport holder.
  • In certain circumstances where travel has been booked or the passport holder needs to travel urgently we may achieve emergency replacement subject to compliance and HMPO approval.
  • Additional supporting information is required when replacing a Lost Passport and our staff will assist and manage your application.
  • We will require new passport photographs that meet the current required standard. A photo guide will be forwarded to you and our staff will assist and check your photographs before submission.
  • 1 photograph will need to be signed by a third party (another person) to verify the identity of the passport holder or applicant.
  • This other person also needs to countersign the application form.
  • If you discover your passport is lost or mislaid you should not make arrangements to travel outside the UK without first seeking advice.

As with all our services - our passport and visa agents will provide guidance and assistance with all the above and answer any questions you may have.

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Sometimes we achieve the seemingly impossible!

B.H. - Wolverhampton: Lost passport replaced within 2 days and travelled to Jamaica.

S.G. - London: Lost passport. New 10 year passport delivered next day - made a flight to New York.

A.G.H. - West Sussex: Stolen Passport replaced in 48 hours and so travelled to Far East.     More Testimonials

Call us now for Fast-Emergency Passport and managed renewal services that are not available from Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) or Post Office. We are a qualified provider of Same Day Passport Services with over 30 years experience in handling urgent travel documents. We are not Her Majesty's Passport Office. Calls are recorded for accuracy and will assist improvements to the service we offer. Calls to this number may be charged at approximately 10p per minute excluding any relevant caller network charges (mobile phones etc).

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