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Emergency British Passport Renewal

Urgent and Secure passport renewal expedited at Her Majesty’s Passport Offices.
We provide facilities 24 hours 365 days a year.
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Emergency Passport - Same Day Passport Renewal
Premier Service - 2-3 day Express
Expedited - 1 week service
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Calls are recorded for accuracy and will assist improvements to the service we offer. Calls to this number may be charged at approximately 10p per minute excluding any relevant caller network charges (mobile phones etc).

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Why use a qualified Passport and Visa agent?

  • You need to travel and must have a passport quickly.
  • A managed service will avoid the risk of rejection and long delays.
  • Up to one third of applications sent to Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) directly are rejected and delayed due to basic errors. Government and Post Office source.

Expired - Lost - Damaged - Stolen - Mislaid Passports - We expedite all applications.

You do not have to:

  • Attend an appointment
  • Visit a Post Office
  • Wait 4-8 weeks for a Passport
  • Cancel your travel plans or holiday

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Service comparisons Our Service HMPO
Qualified agents available for advice 7 days a week
24/7 help line including Bank Holidays
Immediate despatch of renewal documents with FREE return pack
NO attendance required
COLLECTION of completed applications from you SAME DAY
Qualified staff for pre-application compliance check
SAME DAY processing
FREE progress updates by SMS, email or telephone
Personal client handler for each renewal
New Passport collected from UK Passport Centre
All documents returned to you by secure courier

The enhanced service we provide is not available from government or the Post Office. We provide a hand to hand service through the official HMPO centres.

Every year we assist thousands of applicants avoid the need to cancel holidays or business trips.

Fees for our service are in addition to HMPO charges and are determined by the type of passport, level of service and other factors. A quote is always provided by our Passport Agents during consultation and prior to order. Speak with an operator and see how we can arrange a fast and secure Passport renewal for you.

Contact us by telephone, email or use our secure contact form.

You have full protection of consumer legislation as you are dealing with an approved UK based service provider with many years experience. Your personal data is protected and we are fully PCI compliant.

Post Office renewals: Applications through the postal service may take 4-6 weeks depending on seasonal factors. Government guidelines advise that this type of renewal will take a minimum of 3 weeks. The Post Office system offers no facility to track or amend applications if for any reason your application is rejected. Be aware that an unsuccessful application will be returned to you in the post, resulting in re-submission and long delays.

Do NOT use Postal service if you plan to travel within the next 4-6 weeks particularly at times of the year when mail services are in high demand or if you are concerned about sending personal identity information by an unsecured method.

HMPO renewals: If you wish to make an appointment and attend an interview at a UK Passport Office you may contact a UK Passport office.
Appointments will NOT be made for same day attendance and renewal.
Your appointment may be scheduled for up to 3 weeks from the day you call to book.
Delays will be extended at holiday periods and particularly between March and October.
It is a mandatory requirement to attend an interview if you use HMPO renewal facility.
Replacements of Lost, Damaged or Stolen and Children's passports through HMPO are sent to the passport holder's home address using mail services.
International travel plans should not be made until you are in possession of a current passport.

Sometimes we achieve the seemingly impossible!

B.H. - Wolverhampton: Lost passport replaced within 2 days and travelled to Jamaica.

S.G. - London: Lost passport. New 10 year passport delivered next day - made a flight to New York.

A.G.H. - West Sussex: Stolen Passport replaced in 48 hours and so travelled to Far East.     More Testimonials

Call us now for Fast-Emergency Passport and managed renewal services that are not available from Her Majesty's Passport Office (HMPO) or Post Office. We are a qualified provider of Same Day Passport Services with over 30 years experience in handling urgent travel documents. We are not Her Majesty's Passport Office. Calls are recorded for accuracy and will assist improvements to the service we offer. Calls to this number may be charged at approximately 10p per minute excluding any relevant caller network charges (mobile phones etc).

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Telephone calls may be recorded to enhance our services and to assist with training. Information given is purely advisory and provided without any guarantee or warranty as to accuracy and we recognise information may change from time to time. We will use reasonable means to update information and to assist in the application of passports and visas but the responsibility will always be with you to ensure our service best suits your needs. Any service provided is subject to our normal Terms of Business which can be seen by using  This Link.

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